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A perfect day with friends at the top of Palomar Moutain

Saturday Ride up Palomar Mountain

Hi all.  I’m finally getting this Roadies Hideaway blog up and running.  I was inspired to get this thing going after a ride up Palomar Mountain on Saturday with a great group of San Diego riders who are in the early stages of forming a RAAM team for 2014.  It was a perfect day as we rolled out from the HIdeaway at 7:30 AM and headed east on West Lilac, to hook up with the RAAM stage 1 route along Lilac Road to Valley Center.  We enjoyed temperatures in the low 60’s, with a light friendly breeze on the way to the mountain.  Once we reached the South Grade climb, arm warmers and vests came off quickly as the temperature had risen a bit…but definitely not qualifying as hot.  Never a better day to climb Palomar!

The trip down the mountain and back to the ranch (including the climb up Cole Grade) was quick and uneventful, with only one flat on the entire day (between eight riders)…and that just 2 miles from the end.  We ended the day with a few select “recovery drinks”, and a little carne/pollo asada BBQ.  Perfect day!

Post Ride recover drinks and BBQ

Post Ride recover drinks and BBQ