New Guests, New menu items and the last “Last Sunday” ride of 2013

The last weekend of 2013 was a fine one at Roadies Hideaway.  We could not have asked for better weather, with beautiful clear days in the 80’s.  A fine weekend to welcome first-time guests Joe and Jamie to our home.  We spent Saturday out on the bikes, exploring all the best roads to the South, and stopped to enjoy a bit of BBQ from the RIb Shack (just north of Hwy 76, on Old 395) before making our way home via Couser Canyon.

BBQ with guests Jamie and Joe

These two are exactly the kind of folks I love to have stay with us.  Both are excited about riding and open to any adventure that may come there way.  Joe is a true cycling enthusiast with a crit racing background.

The following day, Joe joined us for the final “Last Sunday” ride of the year.  We headed up North to Temecula via Couser and Rice Canyons, then climbed Rancho California and back through my favorite road, Da Luz Canyon.  The day, the weather and the company were absolutely perfect.  Two days of climbing eventually caught up with Joe, but even as he was obviously beginning to suffer, he remained grimly cheerful and was still great company on the road.



Up returning to the house we were greeted with the incredible aroma of fresh baked bread!  Turns out that guest Jamie had been busy teaching Vicki the finer points of breadmaking, which meant a fine recovery meal of bread and IPA for all.

Fresh rosemary bread

Thanks Jamie, your legacy of fresh bread will live on forever at the Hideaway!  And while we’re on the subject of food…we’ve also added waffles to the Hideaway menu, thanks to a gift of a new waffle iron from Santa this year.  Time to get a line on some good maple syrup!


Happy 2013 to all our friends, we hope to see all of you throughout the coming year!