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Last Sunday Ride, January 2014

Had a nice group of 5 of us for this month’s Last Sunday ride at the Hideaway. preride2 Today’s route toured all the best climbs around the neighborhood, covering 60 miles with 6100 feet of climbing. ride2



ride6 All in all a perfect day for a bike ride.  We did have one small mishap with a flat tire in a corner that resulted in Jim leaving a bit of skin on the road, but he carried on gamely, as if it never even happened.  


Thanks all for another great day of riding!


Lucky to ride a bicycle in San Diego in January

Took the TT bike out today for a good long jaunt down the coast.  I met up with friends Wei and Sean at mile 30, then continued on to La Jolla cove, where we stopped for a cup of coffee and some nice conversation.

Coffee in La Jolla Cove

Sean was nice enough to pose across the road, showing off our view from the cafe.

Sean at the cove

Unbelievably, on the return trip my Garmin read 75 degrees!  When I got home, I watched a bit of the Green Bay game, where they reported temperatures on the field was 5 degrees.